Florida Today is a daily newspaper covering Brevard County, Fla., published by Gannett Co. Inc. Anne Straub's Real Estate articles have been a fixture of the newspaper's coverage since the 1990s, appearing each Saturday and Sunday. Brevard residents turn to the Real Estate section for advice on buying or selling a home, information on financing options, trends in home building and explanations of how economic and political events might affect their finances. Here are just a few of the thousands of articles she has written for the newspaper.

Sample Articles:

Mortgage Terms Stretch Into Middle Age: Forty-year home loans offer a more affordable option for cash-strapped buyers, but come with risks.  view article

Americans Love Their Garages: Garages are getting larger for consumers building a home, and more important to those shopping for an existing house.  view article

Learn From Others' Mistakes: Here are some top missteps that home buyers make - and how to avoid them.  view article

Selling...and Still Waiting: If your house for sale continues to languish on the market and you can't figure out why, here's what others might be too polite to tell you.  view article